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About Us

Pets love it...

Koco Play was formed during the height of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka after the closure of a coconut husk rope factory, which left its employees without work and wages.

Unable to reopen the factory and with employees isolated at home we had to find a creative way to resume production and get our employees back to work to support their families. With an abundance of high-quality coir rope to work with we decided to design a range of small products that our employees could easily produce at home. During the pandemic we were able to send raw material to our workers’ houses and teach them how to produce a range of products that we sell locally and internationally. By doing so we decentralized traditional manufacturing methods and took the work to the communities where it was needed most. Gradually our designs and concepts grew in to what Koco Play is today. Production at Koco Play is now supported by individual households that are directly enjoying the benefits of their hard work. This community-driven production enables us to use the right people with the right set of skills and deliver a product at the right price to our customers.


At Koco Play, your pet’s health and happiness are at the heart of what we produce. But our vision and mission are bigger than that. We are designing a range of environmentally sensitive products that use all-natural, biodegradable and nontoxic materials that are as safe for your pets as they are for the environment. And our production methods ensure that each product is made with care by happy workers who believe as much as we do in making the highest quality products for our customers.We hope that with each Koco Play natural coir toy we sell, one less toy made from plastic and rubber will be produced that ends up in a landfill.


Koco Ball

Let it roll! For pet’s who love all things round and love to fetch. This ball is designed to get maximum teeth penetration in to the rope strands that clean teeth with every bite.

Koco Tugz

Designed to represent a bone and a stick, this toy will have your pet’s dig deep in to action as you throw and pull. Plaits on the Twizt creates a feel of elasticity which encourages deep bites that gets teeth clean.

Koco Twizt

For pet’s that love to tug! If pet mama and pet papa want to join in on the action the Koco Tugz is the best solution. Encourage your pet’s to jump and catch as you control this toy and give your pet.

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